Drainage & Kerbing

Finishing touches are important, whether it is kerb edging, a drainage system, recessed manhole covers or a special feature. We offer a range of products that will enhance your block paving driveway or patio.

Manhole Covers

Recessed manhole covers are available and greatly enhance the overall appearance of a new block paved driveway.

Recessed Man-Hole Cover

Man-hole Cover Fitted


Drainage is important. We offer a range of products including open and grilled channels and when necessary we will install a soak-away.

Grilled Drainage Channel

Open Drainage Gully


For those finishing touches around flower beds there is a comprehensive range of small unit kerb edging to match the style of your paving. The taller unit can also be used for the riser to steps.

Tall Unit Kerbing

Small Unit Kerbing


A range of feature packs including circles and octants are available for most finishes, offering you something that little bit different.

Block Paving Circle Feature

Block Paving Octant Feature